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esa regatta

esa regatta is the most advanced and simple system for analyze and improve performaces during regatta racing.
Performance under control, perfect starts, polar, vessels in real-time navigation at their best, are some of the features of esa regatta.
esa developed by professionals but not only for professionals!
Discover how can be easy navigate like a pro with ESA…

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esa regatta PRO

esa regatta PRO is the highest level of expression of the system esa regatta!

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esa Coach

A powerful interactive weather station for sailing coaches

esa d7

esa d7

The first complete sail racing instrument system with professional performance level designed for every crew

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esa Watch

esa Watch: the first smart watch thought for the boating.

Put your equipment on the wrist!

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GAMP 2000

Multiplexer GAMP

Most advanced Wi-Fi gateway on the market: connect the onboard instruments and control your boat from a single device.

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Universal device for the correction of the errors of wind sensor’s data due to waves.
The oscillations of the measurement of wind direction and speed are reduced by 70% or more.
Installable on any instrumentation.

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