Amor is the only system that can independently control a boat in the recovery of a man overboard.

Amor (Automatic man-overboard recovery), is the cutting edge system that support crew’s members in recovering men overboard, based on GPS position, without the need of visual contact.
Based on the GPS positioning of the man-overboard and the vessel, processes a safe trajectory towards the meeting point calculated. This information can be used by the helmsman to intercept the man at sea even in poor visibility conditions such as at night or in rough sea conditions.
Amor, in the event that the helmsman does not intervene, takes control of the boat leading it near the man overboard, even in case of falling into the water of the helmsman.

In this video you can see recovery trajectory calculated by amor (in blue) compared with traditional recovery trajectory (in green) which doesn’t consider a minimum distance from the man overboard (in red) to safely use engines.


The AMOR system consists of:
an AIS signaling device inserted in the life vest.
a VHF radio with AIS functionality onboard
a PC that handles incoming messages and the control interface
The servo control system to allow the control of the vessel.
The combination of these devices ensures the highest level of security possible
reporting the location to anyone who is within the range of the transmitter;
calculating the safer trajectory for the recovery made from the boat;
putting in place the trajectory in case of lack of intervention by the helmsman.


The Amor system is equipped with a signaling device of man overboard, based on “AIS” system (Automatic Identification System), an international tracking system that is widespread in many on-board vessels equipment.
Thanks to the “AIS” platform, Amor, brings back the vessel to the man overboard warning all “AIS” equipped vessels within at least three miles.

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