The complete system for a technical analysis of boat’s motion, pitch and roll, GPS acceleration data in a single instrument. AMU is highly customizable on demand.

AMU uses solid-state gyros and accelerometers for real-time acceleration and rotation measurement; these data can be integrated with those of the inner 20 Hz GPS to obtain absolute precision level data. Outputs RS232 or CAN, depending on the need. Software for calibration and base filtering. Potential uses:
– trim data analysis for engine/flap trim optimization
– Accelerometer data for comfort analysis and input to stabilization systems
– Increased location data reconstruction accuracy vs. GPS stand alone
– Use of Kalman filtering for trim and motion data (heave) reconstruction
– Optimal support to systems for controlling low-speed operation
The most comprehensive system to generically measure a boat motion.
All in one internal movment data (GPS) and inertial motion data (IMU), such as acceleration, roll pitch and yaw.
By combining GPS and IMU together in a mathematical algorithm, it is possible to reap the benefits of long term GPS and short term IMU precision.
It is possible to improve GPS data and receive indications immediately about almost instantaneous trim and motion changes as well.
Customer software implementations on demand, thanks to the powerful AMU micro processor.
Analog and digital input data fusion allowed for specifics applications.


– The most comprehensive system to generically measure a boat motion
– Provides boat trim and position
– Provides comfort and acceleration data
-Easily customizable
– Temperature compensated 6-axis inertial sensor
– Embedded 20 Hz GPS
– RS 232 opto-isolated, (opt) CAN customizable on demand
– PC configuration and data visualization software
– Advanced data filtering, setting acceleration levels


– Processor PIC32 32bit, 512KB flash + 12KB for boot, 128 KB RAM, inner 20Hz GPS
– ST Microeletronics triaxial gyrometer, triaxial Analog Devices temperature compensated accelerometer
– Data management boat trim (ASCII default) configurable via PC by RS232
– Power supply 9 – 36Vdc (nominal voltage 12-24Vdc)
– Enclosure rating IP 54, PCB tropicalised, CE approval certificate


– Opto-isolated CAN bus (4 Kv rms), customizable protocol interface
– Wi-Fi module Access Point and Client (802.11b/g)
– Analog/digital I/O


– Astra-AMU configuration software which allows IMU and output data protocol setup
– IMU and GPS filtering and setting data
– Pitch and roll angles reconstruction
– IMU and GPS output data strings available
– Heave on demand

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