The best app for mobile devices to monitor mooring

Simple and fast Anchor Safe Monitor uses the internal GPS signal, enabling you to stay anchored safely.
There are three operation modes according to the versions, in order to adapt to all conditions.
Fixed the anchor and boat points by pressing a single button when the two positions are aligned, or enter the chain length and water depth values; and if you need to correct the defined points you can recalculate them at any time.
Did you take a wrong anchor point and have you already dropped the anchor?
It doesn’t matter, ASM with its innovative tracking system lets you replace the berth in a few seconds, even if the boat is already anchored.
Do you want to check whether the anchor is properly set?
ASM can verify if you moored your boat correctly through the dedicated operation, which uses chain length and seafloor depth, or anchor’s bearing and distance.

Easy and accurate

Anchor Safe Monitor provides an easy and accurate positioning: boat’s position and mooring location are set with a single button.
Anchor location is constantly updated and updatable.
You can verify mooring, using the chain length and the seafloor depth or the distance between the anchor and the heading.

No more fake alarms

Revolutionary GPS signal filtering system avoids all false alarms.
You can set the minimum time needed for output among the safety parameters, after which the alarm is triggered.
Anchor Safe Monitor also works in background.

Anchor Safe Monitor PRO

Safe monitoring: from any distance.
With the pro version you can monitor the boat and its anchorage: the system carries out the swing monitoring and alerts the user in case parameters differ from those set through an email.
The system sends an alert signal that can be notified by an acoustic signal, and an email for remote control
The email indicates:
– which kind of emergency situation happened (anchor or swing)
– anchor’s distance and heading
– current distance, heading and speed
– current GPS position
– link to a GPS image of the boat’s position
Anchor Safe Monitor can be used as a real anti-theft system!

Safe mooring test

Anchor Safe Monitor is the only app that enables you to perform the leak test of your anchor point.
You can check and set boat and anchor’s location at any moment by chain length and seabed depth values, or by anchor’s bearing and distance.

Swing monitoring

Anchor Safe Monitor PRO manages and monitors swing motion around the anchor point and can send a dedicated email only when diverting standard safety parameters.
After setting the anchor and boat points, users can define the zone for free swing.
If the boat leaves the pre-set safety area, ASM notifies the user with an acoustic alarm and an email previously pre-set: Anchor Safe Monitor notify the anchor status and any emergency situation with a dedicated email and differentiated by the input alert (containing a link to view the GPS positions on the map) and for the alarm output from the safety anchorage area.

Quick and easy!
Fix the anchor and the boat point with a simple tap on your smartphone!

Always updated
After setting up the anchor and the boat, the area of free swinging can be defined.

Never fake alarms
asm filters the GPS signaland avoid false alarms!