Astra Wind Race 

Meet the new sensational race wind sensor, specifically designed to offer the best performances and relaiability on board.

Astra Wind Race is a revolutionary wind sensor, designed for the toughest environment and for the most demanding crews, to provide the greatest support to all the racing teams and not only.
With the 1 meter carbon fiber mast it’s the perfect solution for obtaining clean measures of the wind in all conditions. It’s shape and design are the results of years of experience together with VDO marine to develop the ultimate wind sensor in the market. Robust, efficient, with incredibleperformances and reliability.

High performances and quality

Astra Wind Race it’s an analogue wind sensors, for the most accurate and fast rate of data transmission.
It’s compatible with esa Instrument Box, the powerful Astra’s processing unit. Connect it to the CPU and read data output via NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and Wi-Fi.Via Esa instrument Box it’s possible to calibrate the sensor, put the Apparent Wind Angle (AWA) offset, and create table of correction for True Wind Angle (TWA) and True Wind Speed (TWS).


Dimension: 520mm x 1135
Carbon fibre(spear) mast. Pa11-GF30 Cups, vane and PCB housing
Operating Voltage 10-15V
Current Consumption <30 mA
Wind direction: wind vane with contactless inductive sensor, accuracy ± 1.5°
Wind Speed: impeller with Hall Chip, accuracy ± 1 Knots, range 1-68Kn
Operating Temperature -25° to +70° C
Mounting: top mount or front mount using dedicated bracket
30mt cable inside
Product manufactured and designed by VDO marine – best quality and reliability
IEC 60945:2002 / ISO7637-2