bpa is the most advanced support system for yacht mooring.

Besides joystick performances, it controls movements linked to wind and stream conditions and enables the yacht to be moved as comfortably as a car.
bpa can also automatically moor the yacht.

bpa (boat parking assistance) can be installed in engine yachts, which helps the driver (who is often not an expert) to moor and leave the port, streamlining boat control even under difficult conditions and improving rigging safety.
bpa allows you to drive a boat as simply as parking a car:
• the boat maintains autonomously the position and the orientation with respect to the seabed even with wind and/or stream;
• the helmsman through the joystick or radio control decides the speed and the rotation, while bpa balances the wind or stream effect.
bpa is based on the most advanced techniques of data fusion and automatic controls/analysis, which are more and more widespread in innovative products. It is composed of inertial position sensors, high-speed GPS, control software with a specific graphic interface. Through a specific algorithm, it can integrate various units, engines, helms and screws to reach the intended movement parameters.
Moreover, it can work with distance sensors – e.g. EDS system – to complete the movement requests with additional safety parameters.
When operating automatically, bpa can moor by repeating predefined trajectories, even when wind and stream conditions change.
bpa informs when the control conditions do not comply with safety parameters.
bpa was patented in 2009. It is considered a technology demonstrator and was tested on real boats. Now it is undergoing the installation procedure for motor yachts.


Wind and stream are no longer a problem!
Mooring and other rigging operations can be managed through an incredible simple instrument such as bpa:
– bpa ensures the position maintenance during the orientation and under static condition even under windy conditions and/or stream;
– bpa enables you to move with respect to the seabed: the boat moves forward or back without lateral movements or rotations, otherwise the boat can move laterally without rotating or moving lengthwise;
– simple or combined translations and rotations are also allowed and can be carried out manually through the joystick;
– when there is no movement request, the boat resumes automatically the position maintenance procedure;
– it can be applied on transmission shafting boats;
– it can be installed in working boats to provide them with a modern refitting taking into account safety and user friendliness.


After entering a port, the driver turns the boat management, e.g. through radio control, into “bpa” mode, which is operative only at low speed. When the bpa system is working, the driver can manage the low-speed movement through bpa, which enables the driver to ask in a simple and intuitive way intended rigging and movements taking into account the surrounding area (docked boats and obstacles) by controlling rotations, undesired lateral and lengthwise movements.
Either radio control or joystick can operate the bpa. It uses a control system which interfaces with other internal boat systems (screws, bow, stern, control, inverters, engine) and specific movements sensors integrated in the system.
The bpa system needs a specific development phase for each new boat upon its installation, because its functioning must be matched by the dynamic features of the boat, both in terms of reaction to controls and of external agents (wind and stream).
ASTRA Yacht deals with boat control optimization and customization projects for each specific boat.

bpa enables you to move your boat exactly as you like!

  • It stops
  • it moves forward and back
  • it moves laterally without moving forward or rotating
  • it rotates only if needed. Under windy conditions and stream 

bpa is safe!

it uses components which have been on the market for years and a dual CPU system to control the boat

Easy and intuitive!

tailor-made touch interface
for integrated monitoring of the
surrounding area through 

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