Quality Sensors for the best navigation

Compass Astra

The Astra Compass allows to mount on your boat a NMEA0183 compass with two-axis calibration ±45°.

Grade of protection IP68

Two physical buttons for auto calibration and “zero-set”

The ideal for application on:

  • Marine vehicles
  • Radar “North Up”
  • Autopiloti
  • AIS
  • Alarm systems

Nav Sensor

The multifunctional Nav Sensor integrates the built-in GPS satellite receiver module to provide accurate readings of the running speed, as well as the movement of the boat, accurately indicating its roll, pitch, yaw rate and lateral acceleration.

Compass readings can be viewed thanks to the built-in electronic compass which also allows the autopilot course corrections.

Barometric and air temperature sensors are the first indicators of incoming weather conditions.