Beyond your sight

With ECAB docking will never be the same!
ECAB it’s the first onboard system that allows to control the position of the boat and the distances from fixed or moving objects from it, as for instance respect to the stern, and directly from the cockpit.
With an absolute level of precision and reliability.

ECAB it’s an easy to install module, that helps to get distances, times of impact and control of the supervised areas (for instance the stern) from fixed or moving objects. It can be used for getting a variety of alarms by targeting the movement of specified objects, or select areas to be avoided from the boat itself.
It gives the helmsman a perfetc picture in real time of the scene surrounding the boat, simplifing mooring operation. An advanced software interface makes possible to overlap the camera view with a grid with distance indication (without effect of pitch and roll) and capable of showing:
Object with minor time of impact.
Calculation of the Trajectory of the boat in real time with time of impact.
Highlight of the obstacle with differentiation between approaching and distancing ones.
Possibility to produce various kind of alarms, useful for perimeter check even from remote.


Easy to install module on board
Camera RGB, Proximity radar 50mt, 150° range
6 axis inertial platform, built in GPS and compass for automatic compensation processing
Works with any kind of light condition (without illumination)
Ambient protection degree index IP67


Distance [m] between boat and obstacle, boat speed [m/s], time to impact [s]
Real-time video of the RGB or radar sensor acquisition
You can choose between perspective (advice with sunlight) and full-3D mode (advice with poor sunlight)
Auto/Manual: dock/obstacle identification. In manual mode the user can select the target point by clicking the mouse right button in the Video Streaming area and follow the distance from the given object
Possibility to set different kind of alarms to prevent collision and intruders even during docking or anchoring

Project supported by PAR SFC funds.

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