The most powerful and interactive weather station for sail coaches

Improve your professional performance,
converting your rib in a complete and autonomous weather station,
the ideal for real-time monitoring of the race course conditions.


How it’s made

Wind sensor

Quick connection to the mast, easy to dismantle even for overnight hospitalization and ready to be reassembled in the morning.

Carbon fiber mast

Lightweight and durable, easy to assemble and transport.

Speed ​​sensor (optional)

To be mounted and fixed on the boat, for automatic calculation of the sea-current.

ESA Pandora portable box

Waterproof box with inside:

ESA Coach Box CPU, powerful control unit for data processing.

High frequency GPS antenna for best position measurement accuracy.

Gyroscopic compass, ideal for compensating the movements of the rib without affecting the Heading and direction measurements.

Thanks to this system, all the training data are available in real time, directly on your boat.

Consult all the data directly on your device through the Wi-Fi transmission. All data collected and processed by the control unit are available on the ESA Coach dedicated app.

ESA Pandora

Everything you need for navigation in a single box.

ESA Coach box control unit with integrated wifi antenna and GPS.

Gyroscopic compass Astra

Battery lasting about 31 hours, with built-in 220V charger

Standard USB socket for charging mobile devices, also suitable for iPad, 2.5 Ampere

6-pole connector for the wind sensor

4-pole connector (NMEA 0183) for boat speed sensor

Technical features

4 input and 1 output NMEA 0183, opto isolated (4 Kv rms) or RS232
PIC32 32bit processor, 512KB flash + 12KB for boot, 128KB RAM
9-36V dc (Nominal Voltage 12-24V dc)
Consumption1,5W nominal, 5W max
IP54 protection, tropicalized PCB
1 channel in/out digital (Raymarine wind sensor st60/70)
3-channel in/out analogue (Raymarine wind sensor, 1 power input 8v)
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g (access points and clients)
Internal GPS High Speed
Connection to power to 8V dc wind sensors Raymarine
MicroSD slot (MicroSD not included)
1 LED power on, LED 1 Wi-Fi status, 1 LED overflow
Reset Button
CE Certification
Pre installed software for signal and sensor management both for esa Coach and esa Instruments, adjustment and setting saving on Micro SD
Pre installed software multiplexer NMEA0183, out via cable and Wi-Fi, for functionalities see GAMP by Astra Yacht
Enabled to use Esa Coach, esa Regatta, esa Training, esa Instruments esa Regatta apps
Sw basic configuration via PC/Wi-Fi
Firmware upgradeable by user