The first complete sail racing instrument System with professional performance level designed for every crew.

All Astra yacht exclusive technology in one single stunning device.

ESA D7 is currently out of production. Contact us to get alternative solutions.

Two souls in one body

Unbeatable in regatta

Essential in cruise

esa d7 is not only a professional multitouch display: it’s the first combination of an advanced tactical software for regatta with a powerful computer built in a touch screen display explicity thought and developed for marine ambient, with high contrast, wide angle and outdoor visibility.

esa d7 is the most powerful and flexible hardware/software platform, containing all the Astra technology, developed specifically for sailing and adaptable to the needs of any crew, both in regatta and cruise.
Following the long-time experience consisting of development and victories in national and international championships, Astra Yacht has concentrated all its technology in only one advanced instrument.

esa d7 provides the necessary support to the crew, both in regatta and cruise. With esa Universal, the most complete and advanced software version of the Astra technology, it is possible to create an appropriate setting for sailing competitions. With the preinstalled AvMap, it is possible to apply one of the most reliable and complete electronic cartography software in the market.

ESA D7 is currently out of production. Contact us to get alternative solutions.


DisplayLCD 7” WSGA 1024×600, 1000 nits, 24 bit color, wide viewing angle
Slot1 Micro SD for charts and data recording
Wi-Fi ConnectionInternet (TCP/IP)
NetworkMulti serial connection (standard nmea0183)
Water ResistanceIPX6
AccessoriesFast connector bracket
Dimensions188 x 146 x 33 mm
Weight640 g


Multidata Instrument Page with customizable arrangement (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 data). Each data can be shown as number or chart
Page Start with distances, times to line, P and S, time to burn, countdown, gains.
Real time performance monitoring, with targets and polar management. Auto acquisition of performance datas.
Waypoint and route management, with chart overlay (C-MAP charts for better quality)
Dedicated Functions for Regatta

Performace without compromise

Main Features

The esa d7 display can be installed anywhere on board, thanks to its compact size
Thanks to the high brightness display, wide viewing angle and high resolution it provides an excellent and reliable navigation
Slot SD
WiFi version updates
Regular and guaranteed Software updates

In esa Universal the regatta participants has available a unique tool for a winning navigation.

Esa d7 is able to provide the performance monitoring of real time boat, the automatic calculation of the polar (patented), the support to the starting procedure, the way points and routes management, a multi-data display and the navigation target in real time. A tool for true sailors thought by professionals.

ESA D7 is currently out of production. Contact us to get alternative solutions.