esa Data & Polar Analyzer is a professional software, developed on purpose by Astra yacht to analyze data recorded by the esa easy sailing assistance system.

It’s a solution devoted to analyze easily and quickly the performance data collected during navigation, recorded in the log generated by esa Regatta.

esa Data & Polar allows to visualize the route directly on the map and consequently the performance achieved during navigation; so it is possible to process and compare the obtained data, for example with the polar of the boat project or other or other files containing recorded performances.

Graphic analysis

The performances recorded by esa Regatta during sailing can be compared to project data taking into account various wind intensity.

esa Data & Polar Analyzer elaborates a colour coded graph to compare the boat speed according to different wind angles. The data extraction process generated by esa Regatta is automatic without further operations.

Analysis VMG

This is fundamental to analyzing racing: esa Data & Polar is the only program in the world which can provide real time elaborated results, through a comparison between targets extracted from the shipyard polar with values calculated by esa Regatta during sailing: the comparison is carried out according to different wind intensity angle. The target angle can be compared with the wind (TWA tgt), the target boat speed (BS tgt) and the resulting value of VMG, upwind and stern with the ability to distinguish between the values processed by esa on starboard tack and left.

Recorded data analysis and rote map

One or more files recorded by esa Regatta can be imported and analyzed visually and analytically. By moving on the time bar, the instant positions of the boat on the map and the main performances data can been visualized on a simple screen.

The same analysis can be applied to data recorded during the starting phase of a race and up until one minute after the start to the race.

To learn more about the technical features and the usage options of esa Data & Polar Analyzer, please, read the handbook.

Further specifications

The software can only be installed on Microsoft Windows ( XP, Vista, 7 e 8 ) and needs Microsoft Office Excel (Office 2007 version or later).

The compressed package is to be download upon purchase and contains two folders:

The folder ending in X32 is compatible with Windows and 32bit version
Microsoft Office.

The folder ending in X64 is compatible with Windows and 64bit version Microsoft Office.

Minimum system requirements

For the free functioning of esa Regatta and PRO application it is necessary that all the on-board instruments have a NMEA 0183 data output. If the instrument panel does not have the NMEA 0183 output it is possible to install a compatible converter sold separately.

It is possible to receive all the data through WiFi by connecting the gamp by Astra (0183 or 2000 model) in the esa enable version.