A complete on board data monitoring system

Compare performance in real time and between different set-up of the boats.

A powerful and innovative system for improve performances during training with technical high level information.

The ESA Dinghy system will provide an advanced support for young sailors and sailing schools, ensuring greater safety in training and races, thanks to the installed sensors and the automatic security alarm systems.


A versatile platform useful for the real-time analysis of navigation data, in lack of on-board instrumntation.

Data available directly on your smartphone or smartwatch, for the continuous monitoring of performances.

Record your training session, for the best analysis!


A monitoring system of several boats simultaneously. A powerful and innovative system to improve performance during training with high level technical information. Compare your team’s performance and improve your sailing!


Check the status of your boats in real time, even remotely. Involve your family during regattas or training and enjoy sailing in complete safety, thanks to the automatic warning system in case of capsizing.

Record your navigation data and review it whenever you want, for a tactical analysis of your regattas.


Connect to an ESA Coach to obtain data on wind and current conditions in the field. Analyze your team’s performance as conditions change.

Record your training session and analyze it. Make your de-briefing more efficient!


Manage events and create routes, comparing wind data in real time in multiple points on the course, through ESA Coach.

Automatically calculate the bearing and distance between marks, for the best support to the Race Committees.

Record the events and analyze them, for a perfect report of your regattas!

With esa Dinghy you can monitor the boat’s performances in real time and check the status of different fleet at the same time to improve the performance monitoring.

A control and monitoring system that allows small boats, usually without instrumentation onboard, to dispose of the performance data and to have the possibility of remote control of its status position, assets