A complete on board data monitoring system

A versatile platform useful both for safety and for the analysis of the navigation data, the ideal for boat without on-board instrumentation.

esa Dinghy consists of a dedicated unit box and a software designed by Astra Yacht to provide the most versatile solution for monitoring data regarding the position and the boats performance remotely and in real time, with unique safety features integrated.

Astra has designed a specific unit box completely autonomous, with internal GPS 20Hz for maximum accuracy of measurements, Internet connectivity for data transmission, a 6-axis inertial platform for boat control and support to safety management. Bluetooth connectivity with dedicated app for configuration of calibration parameters, security, etc.


  • Automatic capsize alarms
  • Real time boat’s positioning accessible to anyone in your group
  • Ideal for fleet monitoring


  • Real time regatta data
  • Data available through mobile network
  • Compare data between boats at any time everywhere
  • Easy access to recorded session

La centralina Esa Dinghy

Acelerometer gyrometer and magnetometer platform
High frequency and precision internal GPS
GPRS module for internet, sms, email connection
Bluetooth module for local communication
Protection level IP 68
Inductive Recharge system, Li-on battery high durability
CE certification
Automatic capsize alarm system. Alerts via sms, mail with last available position and automatic “all-clear” alerts in case of recovery

Caratteristiche software

Configuration via Bluetooth, free Android Apps for file log registration management and unit box communication set up
Server access via web browser for all sessions and data management
Regatta’s field informations: buoy positioning, weather conditions (wind and current) share with all actors: coaches, regatta committee, yachts clubs, organizers
Rent fleet control. Check position of the boats and the recorded data of every rent

With esa Dinghy you can monitor the boat’s performances in real time and check the status of different fleet at the same time to improve the performance monitoring. Each system is able to share data between the selected users, training groups or racers, and the data can be instantly displayed on mobile devices.


Build performance data through communication with esa Coach system, to get wind and current data recorded on field to create a unique VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTATION

Esa Dinghy and esa Coach together can create a unique virtual instrumentation system: merging the data coming from the weather station on the coach boat, and the position, speed and asset from the desired vessel, it is possible to have a complete instruments set of data like in the bigger boats.

Every esa Coach system in association with the Dinghy group will send to the server the wind and current data, the server will receive the data from the Dinghy and will create the Virtual navigation data, saving the data that will be usable also at a later time for following analysis.

Compare performance in real time and between different set-up of the boats. A powerful and innovative system for improve performances during training with technical high level information.

It allows the measurement of wind data (apparent wind angle and speed: AWA, AWS), the boat speed (BS), the orientation direction (magnetic compass: HDG) the location, direction and speed (data provided by the GPS, Lat, Long, COG, SOG). Possibility to record data and share it with several boats and coaches or race committees.

The esa Dinghy system will provide an advanced support for young sailors and sailing schools in development of small boats performances, ensuring greater safety in training and races, thanks to the installed sensors and the automatic security alarm systems: hazard warning systems in case of falling overboard and sending of the data via radio to emergency center.

A control and monitoring system that allows small boats, usually without instrumentation onboard, to dispose of the performance data and to have the possibility of remote control of its status position, assets etc.