The new revolutionary instrumentation for sail boats.

The first instrumentation for regatta and cruise that allows to decide which sensors and instruments place on your own boat, basing on your needs, in total freedom and in any moment.
The best solution for expand, organize or install on your boat the most advanced and simple instrumentation system in the world.
Which sensors to be mounted on board?
esa Instruments automatically manages the data coming from the boat, transmitting via Wi-Fi to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or to the onboard displays.

Freely choose which sensors and display to mount

The heart of the system, the processor ESA INSTRUMENTS BOX

Esa Instruments Box is able to process al signals (included analogues ones) coming from the sensors, and makes them available to the users, with all dedicated settings, calibrations and damping desired

Thanks to its high computational frequency, the processor is the ideal choice the instrumentation governor, being the collector for the signal coming from the sensor.

Take Control of your data

Advanced Settings just one click away.

Thanks to the dedicated app Esa Instruments it is possible to control every aspect of the instrumentation in an easy and intuitive way. All advanced settings of sensors and data, like offset, damping, gain are easy to set and than are made available to every output device: chartplotters, displays, mobile devices.

Discover all the options available to precisely customize your data on board, like:

  • Correction Table of TWS e TWA
  • offset Wind Angle
  • offset Compass
  • boat speed gain at 2 levels
  • damping for each data

All data calibrated in this way are processed by esa Instruments box and sent back in the network: in nmea0183, nmea2000 and wi-fi.

esa Instruments at work

A kit to start:

  • Display 4.3 inches esa D4
  • Sensore Vento Astra NMEA2000
  • Triducer Speed/Depth/Temp
  • Gps/Compass Astra Nav Sensor

Ideal for:

Small cabin cruisers and refit
Minimum impact on the boat
Easy to install
Full compatibility with all devices on market

With the add of esa d7, an ideal kit also for cruise with all needed informations for sail safe and easily.

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For start racing

  • Analogue Wind Sensor Astra Wind Race o Standard Astra
  • Esa Instruments Box Processor
  • esa D7
  • Smartphone or Tablet for the data visualization via wifi and for usage of navigation software Esa Regatta
  • Triducer Speed/Depth/Temp
  • Gps/Compass Astra Nav Sensor

Ideal for:

  • Monotype regatta
  • Boats ORC/IRC
  • Fine settings available

Easy to expand system, for instance with jumbo displays for repeating all data to the onboard crew

For most demanding crews

A complete system for the highest level of performance and accuracy on board

A kit mad of:

  • Analogue Wind Sensor Astra Wind Race
  • Esa Instruments Box processor
  • esa D7 (performance, start, targets polars, layline etc)
  • esa M7 jumbo repeater
  • GPS Compass with 9-axel IMU
  • Rudder Angle sensor
  • Triducer Speed/Depth/Temp
  • esa D4

Discover Astra’s kit and ask for more infos