All information on a single vertical display

A stunning 7″ TFT screen that allows you to view up to 3 data simultaneously.

The perfect solution for small boat crews who need to constantly monitor navigation data!

Integrated display in an elegant and sturdy mast braket, for the smallest footprint.

Data like you’ve never seen it before

The new standard for mast color displays.

An amazing 7″ touch screen

Outstanding build quality for top visibility and performance

The Nav Control remote control allows you to control the ESA M7 vertical displays directly from the cockpit.
It is possible to change the screens and menus using the push / turn knob and six other buttons.
Even multiple units can be connected to the same network without conflicts.

In the vertical configuration the graphic pages of ESA regatta are not available, available in the horizontal version

Technical features

Dimensions: 520 x 1135 mm
Aluminum body
Water resistance: IPX7 extended
Power supply 12-24V, Voltage 9 -32 VDC
Current consumption <1 Ampere
Operating temperatures -25 ° C / + 70 ° C
Product developed in collaboration with Veratron Marine, for maximum quality and reliability