The new standard on Jumbo display! Bring color to your data!

The new standard for mast unit color display.
An incredible 7” inches touch-screen with unique functions dedicated to race crews.
Stunning build quality and performances.

Meet the new standard in touchscreen colour graphic display for sail boats!
Astra has developed a breakthrough device for the most demanding crews and contest of usage. A stunning build quality screen for the best readability in any condition of light and best reliability. A capacitive multitouch TFT bonded display with high outdoor visibility, three touch shortcut settable buttons and remotely controllable by a dedicated NavControl. A incredibly unibody design of aluminium for a ultrathin profile and sturdiness.

Racing pages: esa m7 features two dedicated pages designed for racing purposes:
VMG: with targets or navigations vs real boat data for reaching best vmg speed;
POLAR: Target of speed at given wind angle vs real time boat data.

esa M7 is capable of showing unique data for sailing regattas, such us “distance to layline”, “opp tack”, “% to the target”. Such data are available through the powerful Astra’s instrumentation systems and shown directly on the display, making m7 the perfect solution for race rews. The m7 software is capable of adapting to the more contest of use, also in cruise with a multiple instruments page up to 6 data number and a complete wind rose. Perfect integration with onboard sensors like the rudder angle.

Dedicated data fiel for regattas: BS target; TWA target; % VMG;
Opp Tack; Polar BS; % Polar;
BRG/Dist to WayPoint; Distances to LayLines (P and S); Start Timer; Distance to Start Line;
Distance to P and S; Gain P/s; Set/drift (*).

The control unit Esa Instruments Box and Gamp Astra Yacht also allow a dialogue of special data generated by the ESA Program Regatta (iOS), necessary data in the race and viewable on M7 to the crew:

•          Time (countdown or time time after start)

•          Distance to start Line

•          Distance to P start

•          Distance to S start

•          Gain p-s start

•          Boat Speed Target

•          Boat Speed Polar

•          Apparent wind angle target

•          Opposite tack

•          Bearing to Waypoint

•          Distance to Waypoint

•          Distance to lay line Port

•          Distance to Lay Line Starboard


Display: LCD 7” WVGA 800X480, 800nits, 24 bit color, wide viewing angle TFT
automotive bonded display.
Aluminium unibody light weight high resistance
NMEA2000 connectivity
Water resistance: IPX7 extended
Dimensions: 250 x 125 x 40 mm
12-24V Supply, Rated Voltage 9 -32 VDC
Current consumption <1 Ampere
Operating Temperature -25°C / +70°C
Sentences available on Esa Instrumentation complete set
Product manifactured and designed by VDO marine – best quality and reliability

According to DIN 16257 Mounting/Fixing Front mount Protection Class IEC 60945 exposed equipment (IPX7 extended) Flammability UL-94V0 EMC IEC 60945:2002 / ISO7637-2 Reverse Polarity Protection Yes, 1 minute Short Circuit Protection Yes, 1 minute Approval CE;
RoHS and IEC 60945