esa Regatta PRO, reach the maximum level of expression of the strategic navigation software, the best choice for every sailor.

In the PRO version, esa Regatta has got a number of unique features that make it the most complete tactical navigation software for sailing.

The in app module esa Regatta PRO version adds many functions to the esa Regatta system, transforming the basic software in a complete professional tool, suitable for managing all phases of a competition, with a precision and ease of use.

Through the upgrade, the added packages provide a dedicated setting for the management of the routes and the different way point, perfect for the routing of the races; the automatic layline management to not waste a second in each phase of shipping.

In esa Regatta PRO, the current management in drift and set is active separating the effect of the leeway of the boat itself.

The advanced settings allows further adjustments, such as the positioning of the GPS in relation with the boat, useful to maximize the starting procedure; it is also possible to adjust the maximum leeway angle.

You can implement the PRO version upgrade directly through esa Regatta in app purchase: press the cart option in the home page and select the PRO package; or scroll the pages to the right and select the link.


The new management of waypoints enables you to put in and manage the buoys through latitude and longitude values or the distance and the course from a definite point.

The buoys are recorded according to different geographical areas to streamline the research during the definition of the course.


The new module Layline enables you to monitor constantly your position with respect to the buoy which is to be reached, seeing on a single page the information needed by the navigator to update the touch screen.

A sophisticated algorithm calculates the leeway of the boat and the stream, providing unique results in terms of precision and details.


The layline calculating system is now more sophisticated and always at your disposal: data as the same of American’s cup with an highly performing algorithm for the calculation of current and leeway for more accurate and reliable information.

The calculation system is completely automatic due to the algorithms developed by Astra in collaboration with many professional sailors, making the results available for any racer. So esa Regatta lets you to focus completely on navigation, doing all the work for you.

The esa system is infinitely more reliable than any other system for monitoring the performance of navigation that uses the internal GPS of your device and is more comprehensive and easier to exploit than the PC programs used by professional navigators. It becomes a complete tool, without requiring years of experience to be fully employed.


The new layline module enables you to constantly monitor your position relatively with respect to the selected point
A page was introduced for the management of user waypoints, divided in geographical areas
A sophisticated algorithm calculates the leeway of the boat and the stream giving high precision results. It elaborates real performances and compares them to target. Real time calculation of stream and direction (DRIFT, SET) was implemented by decoupling it from the leeway of the boat. Moreover, new advanced settings have been added for a better system configuration.
Dashboard page has been enriched by adding the GPS key (which can operate SOG, COG, latitude and longitude at the same time) and the Depth key, very useful during costal navigation.
Automatically calculates real-time boat performance targets
Provides data for a successful starting sequence
Works as multi-repeater of onboard instrumentation
Provides wind chart history
Records and enables the analysis of all calculated targets, navigation and starting data
In the toolbar an icon monitors the conditions of the GPS signal, which is really useful when positioning starting buoys because the GPS might indicate wrong positions if not working properly

Minimum system requirements

For the free functioning of esa Regatta and PRO application it is necessary that all the on-board instruments have a NMEA 0183 data output. If the instrument panel does not have the NMEA 0183 output it is possible to install a compatible converter sold separately.

It is possible to receive all the data through WiFi by connecting the gamp by Astra (0183 or 2000 model) in the esa enable version.