esa Training is the only system which guides you step by step to the perfect sail trim whatever your experience.

The new formidable member of your crew!

Esa Training is a revolutionary instrument studied and developed especially for sailors who want to monitor their performance in real time.
This system is unique in being able to support both the novice sailor to understand what are the settings of the first level (jib sheet and mainsail which have immediate effect) and enabling the experts to optimize and improve the highest level of performance.
The esa Training system consists of a software compatible with the iOS systems (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and hardware for connection to the onboard instruments: all this is possible thanks to the esa high-innovative content which is based on aerospace technology that ASTRA Yacht has made simple and intuitive.

A sailing instructor always on board!

Through the GAMP NMEA 0183 multiplexer, the system is capable of receiving navigation data directly from the on-board instruments, it makes an analysis and generates recommendations in real time through a simple and intuitive interfaces!
Undoubtedly the most simple and effective way to monitor the performance of a boat!


Esa Training is unique: there is no other application designed for the novice sailor or for someone who wants to improve his own technique.
Starting from esa Regatta system, has been developed an algorithm that process data in real time and translates them into simple tips to achieve individual operations to improve the trim of the boat and, consequently, its performance.


Esa Training enables you to monitor and then react on issues such as:
the position of the sails in function of the intensity and direction of the wind the position of jib and mainsail carriages fine adjustments of jib (halyard, rollup) and of mainsail (halyard, base, vang and reef) through clear and immediate instructions.
For example, if sails are banging, esa Training would suggest the first steps through clear and immediate instructions. Subsequently, esa Training begins to suggest the sequence of adjustments of the sails, taking into account the performance efficiency.
Basically, esa Training analyzes the situation after each adjustment that has been made, and then measures and displays the regulation efficiency by suggesting the next!

Minimum system requirements

The esa Training app requires iOS 6.1 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it’s optimized for iPhone 5 and subsequent.
For the operation of the free application esa Training is required GAMP NMEA multiplexer 0183.
The GAMP NMEA multiplexer 0183 is compatible with all on-board instruments that have output NMEA 0183 data. If the installed instrument does not provide the NMEA 0183 output, you can install a compatible converter (available or sold separately).