Esa wave technology wind provides wind correction in real time, for the real professionals

EWTw is the universal device for the correction of the errors on the measurement of wind intensity and direction, arising from the effect of waves.
It is possible to reduce the oscillations of the measurement of wind direction and speed even by 70% over the normal value of the wind.

EWTw is Installable on any instrumentation.

EWTw is a complete system both hardware and software which estimates the movement in the head of the mast and the roll of the boat, to correct the measures of the sensor of the wind removing the errors from pitching, rolling and skid.
The advanced control unit has a calculation capacity able to realize the measurements and apply the corrections in real time, without need of introducing delays in output data.
EWTw does not use traditional filtering methods based on reconstruction of an average data, but the calculus methods developed for managing the attitude of the aerospace satellites and last generation aircrafts; it recreates speed and angle values, generates the real time attitude of the boat and real time wind data, erasing any effect of pitching and rolling. Everything in real time!

EWTw is the first advanced system of wind data filtering, comparable to those developed by America’s Cup Teams, but much economical and affordable to any crew engaged in regattas.

Some advantages, that can be obtained using EWTw:

  • removes the necessity of filtering wind data with delays on the indications respect to reality;
  • the only universal device, which corrects the errors of wind sensors: same quality of wind data of America’s Cup instrumentations, on ANY boat;
  • easy to install, it is connectable at the base of the mast, where cables are already interrupted;
  • corrects the errors coming from wind sensors due to pitching, roll and skid angles;
  • no need to modify boat’s plant;
  • compatible with most of the instrumentations on market;
  • highly competitive price respect to existing other solutions.

EWTw è di solito posto alla base dell’albero, dove i cavi del sensore vento sono interrotti per il montaggio e smontaggio dell’albero stesso, ed è collegato in modo trasparente alla strumentazione esistente.

EWTw is usually put on the top of the mast, where wind sensor’s cable are broken for the mounting and for the dismounting of the mast itself, and it is connected in transparent way to the existing instrumentation.
EWTw is composed on a HW system with a quick microprocessor, analogical and digital data input and output, accelerometer, tri-axial gyroscopes and GPS. It uses a resident SW elaboration.

It is a product ready for the main brand of instrumentation (B&G, Nexus, Raynmarine).

It has a specific PC and tablet Software for the initial configuration and for setting while using: choice of instrumentation, offset regulation, various parameters settings.

It corrects also data in function of skid angle, and it provides additional information on yacht balance (via RS232/Wi-Fi). ONLY IN PRO VERSION.

PIC32 32bit processor, 512KB flash + 12KB for boot, 128KB RAM
Tri-axial Gyroscope ST Microelectronics balanced in t°, tri-axial accelerometer Analogic Device
WIFI Input for base configuration via PC
9-36V dc (Nominal Voltage 12-24V dc)
Consumption1,5W nominal, 5W max
Protection IP54, PCB tropicalized
Certification CE
2 channels in/out digital (Nexus 2, B&G 1, Raymarine 1)
5 channels in/out analogical (B&G 3 power input 6,5v, Raymarine 2 power input 8v)
Wi-Fi user interface in smartphone version (Android and PC) for setting and for data management
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g (access point e client)
Slot MicroSD (MicroSD included)
1 LED power ON, 1 LED Wi-Fi status, 1 LED overflow
Reset Button
Software EKF (Exended Kalmann Filter) EWTw preinstalled

In race to win
Wind data accurate and immediate for a better performance.

Rough sea? No problem!
more reliable data in real time with EWTw.

Simple installation options for everyone.
EWTw is designed for the most common wind sensors.

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